My job at Cherryland is simple: help members save money.

Long before there was a state-mandated Energy Optimization (EO) requirement, my sole focus has been to help members find new ways to become more energy efficient and in turn save them money on their electric bills.

Year after year, the goal of our EO program has been to exceed the state’s energy savings mandate. 2016 was no different. We were required to save approximately 4 million kilowatt-hours (kWhs). By the end of 2016, we saved a total of 4.6 million kWhs. That’s the equivalent of removing 548 northern Michigan homes off the grid for a year! Those saved kilowatt-hours represent real savings on the electric bills of members like you.

We achieved this goal by continually promoting our residential rebate program and educating our members on the benefits of becoming energy efficient in their homes. For example, last year we gave rebates to 723 members who replaced their old incandescent lightbulbs with Energy Star-rated LED lightbulbs. These members learned that even the simplest of measures could make a big difference for little cost.

As we continue to focus on assisting our members with their energy efficiency needs, we will again offer rebates for measures purchased and installed in 2017. Please visit our website for more details on our rebates and to access the 2017 residential rebate form.

Written by Tammy Squires, Energy Use Advisor