Safety & Community Presentations

Cherryland’s team of specialists is available to give interesting and informative presentations to schools, civic clubs, or other organizations about industry trends, the co-op business model, electricity 101, and our popular electric safety demo.

Safety Demonstrations

We take safety seriously. That’s why we want to make sure all of our members, young and old, know how to be safe around electricity.

In our 45-minute safety demo, we answer questions about:

  • How electricity works
  • How we move it around the country to get it to homes and businesses
  • How to be safe around electricity

We utilize two “hot wire” demonstration units. Our trailer model is available for outside demonstrations and works great for fire departments and civic groups. Our tabletop model is perfect for classroom presentations.

All presentations are a free service to the community.

man using pole to spark electric line demo

Want to Schedule a Presentation?

Contact Megan Girard at (231) 486-9258 or for more information about presentations.

Safety Resources

Safety is our top priority; not just for Cherryland employees, but for you too! And to be safe, you need the right tools. Take a look at the various resources we have below that will help you fill your safety toolbox. Remember, safety first!