Electric Vehicles

Have you considered going electric for your next car? From Chevy to Tesla, electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes are hitting the road at a wide range of price points. Why? Because the costs and benefits of EV ownership are too hard to pass up.

EV Benefits

woman with phone looking at electric vehicle

Why choose an EV as your next vehicle? Well, there are plenty of reasons!

Cheaper to operate
Charging an EV is cheaper than filling up a gasoline- or diesel-powered car, especially with Cherryland’s competitive rates. EVs also require less maintenance (no more oil changes!).

EVs have no exhaust coming from a tailpipe. And with Cherryland’s industry-leading carbon-free and renewable energy portfolios, charging an EV is cleaner than ever!

No more gas stations
Why stand outside in the elements at a gas station when you can just plug in your EV at home?

Electric motors are quieter, smoother, and zippier than gasoline-powered engines.