Supporting Local Business

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Cherryland: Your Business Partner

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We understand how important it is to our region to have a thriving business community. That is why we take an active role in supporting local economic development and helping businesses reach their goals.

For the past two decades, Cherryland has had a zero-interest economic development revolving loan program. Through this USDA-funded program, we offer loans to startups, businesses looking to expand, and public service entities. Since 1998, we have loaned out, with a zero-default rate, $3.6 million to 27 different companies and entities that helped to create or retain more than 200 local jobs. For more information, contact Shannon Mattson at (231) 486-9234 or

We have always promoted using energy efficiently. So, when a local business wants to upgrade their facilities to become more energy efficient, we are there to help with our commercial rebate program. Our business members are eligible to receive custom rebates up to $15,000 per project. Over the past five years, Cherryland business members have received over $700,000 in rebates for eligible energy efficiency upgrades.

We are in the business of helping our business members meet their clean and renewable energy goals. To start, Cherryland powers its members with an industry-leading carbon-free energy portfolio. And to take it a step further, we offer renewable energy programs, in partnership with our power supplier, that allow businesses to generate and sell energy back to the co-op.

We have a long tradition of advocating on behalf of local business both at home and at the capital. Cherryland leadership routinely meets with local, state, and federal legislators to advocate against policies and regulations that might drive up power costs or threaten system reliability. We also offer our time, expertise, and financial support to organizations doing good work for the business community, including area Chambers of Commerce and economic development organizations.