The Carbon Game Plan

Co-op Energy Talk

With climate change as a priority for candidates in upcoming elections, a whole slew of carbon proposals are being thrown out there, including the Green New Deal, Evergreen Economy Plan, a carbon tax, etc. Do one of these game plans offer a realistic way to cross the goal line? Listen in as we discuss the challenges facing decarbonization and how these proposals hope to bring solutions.

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  1. Tim June 3, 2019 at 7:35 am - Reply

    de-carbonizing is just a way to tax the people , climate change has been going on since the beginning of the world.

  2. Hank LaBate June 3, 2019 at 9:31 am - Reply

    Why is decorbonization important?
    I have surveyed many US House and Senate energy experts
    as well as state politicos who are supposed to be energy/climate experts
    as well as the climate scientist for the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC)
    who didn’t have a clue as to the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere.
    Senator Levin’s energy staffer was the worst saying it was 40% of the atmosphere.
    I had to ask her to let the senator know that we ARE ALL DEAD! The climate scientist
    gave me a 10 minute lecture on the evils of CO2 but admitted that she did not know even
    the approximate concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere. I then delivered my 15 minute
    lecture of the history of CO2 in the atmosphere (much, much higher in the planet’s past history).
    Her comments were interspersed with “I never heard that before” numerous times. I advised her
    AS I DO Cherry Land to read both sides of the issue and then have AN INFORMED opinion!

    So you at Cherry Land are selling an approach which will significantly reduce the US from having
    the ability to reduce it’s $22T national debt with the export of natural gas do nothing to reduce CO2
    in the atmosphere and cause more pollution with production and disposal of EVs as well as drive people nuts in
    finding charging stations. (I refer you to a recent review of a trip from Toronto to Detroit and the difficulty of recharging.)
    Shame on you for implying that your EV CO2 reductions would make a difference or even matter. Why not provide an estimate of how much of a reduction of atmospheric CO2 (in %) would be if all of TC and vicinity converted to EVs?
    How about telling us all how 400 molecules of CO2 per every 1 million molecules in the atmosphere can cause all the reflective heating claimed. Stop implying that CO2 is the largest, most impactful green house gas which the NRDC climate scientist claimed. Water vapor contributes 80+% of the green house effect on earth without which we would all be blocks of ice.
    If we stopped all gasoline/diesel vehicles in the US for one year you would see no change in the CO2 atmospheric concentration of approximately 0.04%. CO2 is a TRACE GAS but be sure that politicians will make decisions based on ignorance of this fact. Do the math,
    When will Cherry Land advocate windmills on every house and the Green New Deal of renovating all homes and buildings, etc,etc.
    All for $19T! While the best batteries that can be produced would take centuries to complete and still provide little reserve capacity for when nature doesn’t blow or shine
    Even Dr Tyson re his Cosmos Venus episode where he stated that we could be headed the same as way with CO2 as Venus (95%) would not answer my email asking why he did not mention that Earth is currently 0.04% (I am sure that the Hayden Planetarium gets government grants.)

    Please, PLZ,PLZ practice Socratic thinking!

    Nuclear Hank

  3. Jerry June 11, 2019 at 8:56 pm - Reply

    Climate change is a hoax. Scientists only have models and models are manipulated. God created the heavens and earth. When it’s our time then that’s it. The government only wants power to control the people like puppets.

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