(L–R) Melanie Hamilton, Rachel Johnson, Tina Swanson, Sonya Sias, Deb Sierzputowski, Rob Marsh, Amanda Olds, Nicole Vanover, Megan Girard

Though you may have never met them, Cherryland’s member services representatives work hard to make sure your experience with the co-op is top notch. Learn about the special qualities each representative brings to the member experience and to the member services team from the representatives themselves.

Megan Girard
“Megan is invaluable to our team. Our job can be stressful at times, and we can all count on her to be a level-headed, calming presence. She is intelligent and often finds ways to improve our processes. No matter what position Megan holds at Cherryland, she does it with a smile.

Megan truly wants to help our members. If there is an issue, she will do everything in her power to resolve it. She listens with empathy and does all she can to make our members’ experience with Cherryland a positive one.

Megan has always gone out of her way to make me feel like a part of the team. She takes the time to ask me about important things in my life and she really listens to my answers. She is very easy to get along with and adds fun to our team.”   -Sonya Sias

Melanie Hamilton
“Melanie is a gracious person who is wonderful to be around. She strives to provide the best service in any situation by actively listening and searching for the best solutions for our members. Melanie goes out of her way to ensure that we are doing all that we can for our members. She has a beautiful heart and I think that shines through in her work.

Working with Melanie is a joy. She has such a bubbly personality and brings laughter and happiness to our work family. She knows how to balance her work duties while making the work environment fun and enjoyable.”   -Nicole Vanover

Sonya Sias
“You can’t describe Sonya without using the word ‘strong.’ She is a warrior through and through. Sonya is the type of woman that we all wish to emulate in our daily life. She is constantly striving to go above and beyond for our members by being patient, kind and thoughtful. Sonya is a privilege to work alongside as she is dependable and a good person; she will always do the right thing. I am proud to be Sonya’s coworker and friend.”   -Megan Girard

Deb Sierzputowski
“Deb’s nearly 40 years with the co-op lends her abundant knowledge in many different areas, including customer service, billing and operations. Our members benefit from this knowledge because she can often provide quick answers to member questions, so we do not need to research the issue and make a return phone call.

Deb has a definite gift of compassion for others. She consistently will try to listen to and understand each member’s situation and assist in a kind, caring manner. She doesn’t just rush through a phone call, but takes time to hear a member’s issue. She often goes above and beyond to help members who are struggling with setting up online accounts or automatic payments.

Working with Deb is a pleasure. She always makes us feel cared for and comfortable.”   -Tina Swanson

Tina Swanson
“Tina has a really good memory, a great sense of humor, and quick wit that makes the work seem easier and the time go by quickly. She has a real empathy for our members and the circumstances that they may be going through. And, boy, do I enjoy working with Tina! She is always happy to help problem-solve and volunteers to help any of us with a project.”   -Debbie Sierzputowski

Nicole Vanover
“Nicole is one of the most genuine, sincere and empathic people I know. She has a heart of gold. She truly cares about everyone and is willing to help anyone at any given time. When Nicole is talking with a member on the phone, you just know that she is really listening to what they say and is always willing to go that extra mile.

I like working with Nicole because she is that person who you can just be yourself around. She is always willing to help and has never made me feel ignorant for asking questions when I should already know the answers!”   -Melanie Hamilton