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  • solar array and Tony Anderson

    In August 2016, Cherryland Electric Cooperative, in cooperation with Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative (Wolverine), sent up a solar flare in

  • baby, woman, and cat

    Like any parent, when your first child is born, you are overwhelmed with optimism. You can’t help those visions of

  • emile dufresne and a poster

    “I guess they mean it,” said newly-drafted Emile Dufresne, as he and his comrades were dropped over the front of

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From replacing light bulbs to upgrading your clothes washer, take advantage of rebates and other deals from Cherryland. Learn more about how you can get some money back today—we have incentives for our residential and commercial members.

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Extend a helping hand to those who need it by rounding up your monthly electric bill to the nearest dollar. Investing your small change into our Cherryland Cares program brings about big change in our community. Sign up for Cherryland Cares today!

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Interested in going solar? Explore the ways you can support solar energy with your cooperative. Whether you want to cover your annual energy costs or use the clean energy you generate, there is a solar option for everyone!

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